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Merchant Focus = Reseller Opportunities

A web developer sets up an ecommerce website for a company that has around $20,000 dollars in credit card sales per month.

If the merchant's average ticket is say $50 that means that they do around 400 transactions per month.

If a merchant has a discount rate of 2.20%, that means there is a roughly 20 basis point markup on the transaction. The 20 basis points breaks down to roughly .20 cents per $100 processed.

The transaction charges for e-commerce transactions are usually 20 cents per transaction. With an average ticket of  $50, that means there are roughly 400 transactions per month. Roughly 9 cents of this is markup (varies slightly by card brand). The statement fee varies between $10 to $20 per month--so lets just say $15 as an average. The Payment Gateway is usually between $10 to $25 per month. This equates to about a $10 markup on average.

So lets see what a Merchant Focus Reseller could expect on a deal like this.

$20,000 volume x 20 basis points = 
Merchant Account Statement = 
Payment Gateway = 
9 cents per transaction X 400 transactions = 


Sub total =


With a 30% split, you would get an additional $30.30 per month. ($101 x 30%) = $30.30 per month or $363.60 per year.

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